A battle without captains

In the second paragraph, the ideas would lead the reader to believe that all of it would extend the ideas of the first paragraph, seeing as how most people like to follow some kind of story. You really are pleased with the money you spend when you are given a story that relates to your divine comprehension skills. If I should start, and I go here and follow this line, then you would expect my letters to be better than another author’s, for, you did buy my book, and if I did not give you what you wanted then this person that I hate would make money by writing things that are senseless and irritating to me. It shouldn’t be “I have to write something good,” it should be “Other people have nothing good to say, even though you like them, which means that you irritate me, but I cannot even say that to you because then you’ll call me trash.” Yeah, that sounds more like the truth. Tell me who your captain is, the one who leads your heart flag and tells you what to do and makes you feel important. I’ll give them an ignorant oblivion.

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