Reply to no one

The big names are all committing their eyes to the art form, the diction that is irrevocably irrelevant. Plain text is so much more powerful than fragile art, no matter how much you protest that the art is profound and is deep soul striking feelings from the bleeding ink. I do not want to hear it. The art is what comes after the money, the first coin, becoming what people care about as they become more entrenched in what is real in this world. That is why truth has no business being in front of me, because it thinks it can just care so much about every little thing that people can use to get their way. Do not go about existing with other people and giving them their support when called upon and then call it the way it is when you can slap their teeth out of their mouths and be jailed by them and have them say you deserve it. Because having them restrain you makes them good, honest, humble people….. And if you think you’re doing good by helping others when you think they need help, then you deserve to make money on your book telling everyone useless artistic prose and order and that your heart is bleeding out like a river into the abyss. I’m sure you’d like that.

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