A misunderstanding so big it…… dropped

A bigger question would be why you even thought you knew what’s up in the first place….. But then I would not be here typing on technology about something that is not real because if you talk about real things that means you care, and if you care that makes you oh so small, a little dot going from one place and saying something real important to another place to say something else important that captures the attention of your audience for ten seconds and then they go about saying how idiotic it is that you think you deserve their attention for more than ten seconds. Ridiculous, come back to the publishing house when you have something that makes sense and I’ll give you credit I’ll give you everything you’ve every wanted if you would just realize that no one wants to read you when all you do is say things that they don’t want to hear. Stop looking at your friends, and look at me, because your friends are you and you are what I hate and I want you to be different than who you are.

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