The dark marshmellow film school

If something is in existence, then those characteristics of that thing are biased in favor of that thing. The characteristics of A only include those relevant to what A is. If there is more than the limit of A then it changes to B, and if there is less than the limit of A then it is a variation of A, such as A1. If the universe is everything, and everything is infinite, or U,  and these are interchangeable terms, and the most overused statement that the universe is expanding, or that U, infinity is expanding, then U = Everything at or below the limit of the characteristics of U. It doesn’t matter the growth or death of U, or what U is consisted of. The only thing that matters is when you say the words “rational” or “logical” or “truth” or “objective” or “without bias” or “impartial” or “the facts”, you are introducing either irony or a paradox because everything is subordinate to U and biased in favor of what U is. Being objective means to not care about what U is. Being rational is a symptom of thinking that an entity, such as yourself, is relevant and can clearly identify what other entities consist of. From my conclusions, I can consider not a single one of you as being worthy candidates for my second in command. I hope to see some improvements made in the future.

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