There were rain on the ground, where I stepped past the store. It was all dark and cold but the store light was illuminating all the drops coming onto my head. I was chewing on chocolate, filling up a little before I got to the meeting. Not a city civic meeting. It was robbery and telling the newspapers to create a market for new poetry. That’s why I was going, because I was being told off by persons who felt some way about what I had done.

I dropped the wrapper on the ground crossing to the other side of the street. No cars, but I would have done it even if all the city was watching. Littering. And hearing some music that put the drivers feeling secure in their entertainment. But they would not like me littering, their street, in their face the bluster. So it was nothing, and I did not even think about trash cans or organized trucks.

Almost there and the wind. Two others wearing a sweatshirt and a suit like they weren’t even together. But they were and they knew I disregarded them and they didn’t like that. But they couldn’t touch me, those two faceless tall people past me and we were never on the same sidewalk.

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