It doesn’t make sense that you would follow me or like my posts or comments if I hate you and I specifically point that out unless you have something else in your life that you can afford to dismiss any serious statement that says you don’t deserve a single thing you have in this world. I don’t deserve this About Me, this url, this anything, no matter if I worked for it or not, and you don’t deserve a single thing. So don’t like my posts or follow me. Unless you tell me to piss off. And we die together because we hate each other. And instigate with other people that they will drop their souls. All y’all weak souls. Because if you’re telling me anything here, now, that means you’re not telling the people in your real life to piss off, or ignoring all of them without exclusions, because it’s not an option. The fuck you think this is. Always special circumstances that cannot be replicated. And by virtue of me even coming here? OOHH, I just gave up my ground, that I could tell you seriously, soulfully, to fuck off because I’m coming to here voluntary. Ridiculous.


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