Don’t even write that professional respect

Over meaningful and the constitution drips like water, get rid of the tagging feature like you can’t look at all posts ever. Flash stop. Back towards the front and smash the bottles and smash the hands that make the bottles and make them homeless because you’re already homeless and what else is there to do when you’re homeless but destroy the lives of people who have jobs and have the arrogance to tell you to say hello politely to the trees like the trees are mother fucking important compared to your stomach and your bloody urine because you ain’t got no water because you a homeless mother fucker that smells like those pigeons and those squirrels who ain’t got no water and you say “Let me have another baby that is innocent” and that baby will become a judge and condemn me to prison because you want me to say that I like you.

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There should be a way for me to type these letters without using my hard fingers. My arm is so bent, the elbow, inside. I can’t do line breaks here at wordpress. It doesn’t work right. The bend gets all hot and my butt muscles are really hurting but I can’t get up because it’s too much effort. I just can’t leave this moment but I want it to end. WordPress needs to change, because if I don’t tag then nobody will see this post. Also, that thing where you can read the preview (whole blog) without going to the actual url the blog is located at. I don’t like it.

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The words are

Alone. It’s better than snow shift. Moments, and grease. There is no more food. There are no more words. There is white, and because everything is white, there is nothing. WordPress. WordPress. How was WordPress even created if there is nothing here.

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The dark marshmellow film school

If something is in existence, then those characteristics of that thing are biased in favor of that thing. The characteristics of A only include those relevant to what A is. If there is more than the limit of A then it changes to B, and if there is less than the limit of A then it is a variation of A, such as A1. If the universe is everything, and everything is infinite, or U,  and these are interchangeable terms, and the most overused statement that the universe is expanding, or that U, infinity is expanding, then U = Everything at or below the limit of the characteristics of U. It doesn’t matter the growth or death of U, or what U is consisted of. The only thing that matters is when you say the words “rational” or “logical” or “truth” or “objective” or “without bias” or “impartial” or “the facts”, you are introducing either irony or a paradox because everything is subordinate to U and biased in favor of what U is. Being objective means to not care about what U is. Being rational is a symptom of thinking that an entity, such as yourself, is relevant and can clearly identify what other entities consist of. From my conclusions, I can consider not a single one of you as being worthy candidates for my second in command. I hope to see some improvements made in the future.

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Of course I have lack of carpeting

Much more, like a lack of air to shape into paper. Not a virtual screen mind. A sheet where I put it down harder than that frozen apple. Because the culture of the person is made up of whether it is the pixels or the finger ink. It shouldn’t be “How to Write a Book,” more like “How to Make Type That is Dishonest and Pleasing to Read.” You want honesty? Go eat some grass if you want some honesty that you cannot eat grass. I can try to be honest but it may cost you a whole lot more than what it’s worth to pay for my presumptuous letters. I must redo my carpet on my own terms or it will tear at me and swallow me like my bones swallow my skin and swell up until I’m like a statue of red and white.

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From the sinking

If there were a random generator, it would irritate me so much because of some stuff that words cannot even reach. If there were infinite food and infinite grammar how-tos, I would be so irritated that I wouldn’t bother typing up these bullshit black letters onto a url and having one person ten people one million people have access to it. I don’t even know what the fuck one million people looks like. The most people you can capture on a photo is probably less than one hundred thousand, and using a video maker is cheating. What do you need lipstick for? Three color shirts and loads of jackets and sweats and plain socks. All this money for diversification of catalog and different products is unnecessary and it pisses me off that you would actually buy these items every single day. And Freshly Pressed? IT’S NOT EVEN FRESH! There are posts that are months old, and most all of them are longer and have pictures as the post icon. And if you never tag and label your posts they won’t show up on the search feeds, which is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. All of you want the world to be safe and neat and civilized. And WRITING? I can’t say what’s in my soul because you have expectations and you have an understanding with your friends that you protect each other in unsavory times? Most times I see this short person and this medium person and a large person, everything they do just makes me disintegrate. All of you take each piece of me and you never give it the fuck back. You have an infinite amount of space, bare blood you fill with my skin and my elbows cracking like ice. Don’t make me write something that isn’t even real.

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A lot of money could be diverted from the coffee you drink to something else. I don’t drink coffee, so why should I be ok with you spending your money on it? I’m also irritated that you can roughly tell where I exist just from me typing on coffee. And english. And previous posts.

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