I stopped walking on the building, where the clouds were so close to me. Not that I liked clouds. Haley was already there. He told me that his tits were hurting. So I pushed him off because it was annoying the repeating voice saying how I caused his tits to hurt like that. Then I went over the edge as well, but it turned out that some idiot had been selling new phones on the street and I saw before I stopped falling that Haley was still alive.

All the pigs, and there were lots, had their (inferior) phones recording everything, from my upstanding appearance to the difference between how much I screamed and Haley’s screams on the way down. We had both fallen on a stretch canvas tent, those with four legs you do by your hands and push them together when you’re done with the fake building. Haley was already out of the crowd. He was running because he didn’t want all the flashing  lights in his stupid face. I took advantage of his absence to tell all the people that I had tried to save Haley, and that whatever he had said was inadmissible due to his hurting chest udders. He was all kinds of wrong.

People from other buildings either heard some screaming or saw the growing crowd and decided, predictably, to stay where they were and not swell it large. I didn’t care how many people looked at me or yelled at me to tell them if I was alright or I should be charged or medaled or if they should go about their business. Who the fuck cared about Haley’s beautiful hurting tits when he kept talking about them. So I sat down and closed my eyes and ignored the people telling each other that I might be deaf for not hearing their questions, or not aware of their reasonable lives, at this moment, having their postures and their all heaven clothes. Yeah, I just rested there for a while until some hands took me because they thought they were knowledgeable about hand grips and carrying other people. Busy bodies.

I did dream of Haley’s tits. They were so just there. And I always told him to fuck off. But they were magisterial. Too bad I almost killed him.

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