Some special dark lying to reaks to reaths for special services this eye catch inside mineral toast and spreading speed all weekly visits taking planeships along further fields burnt like holiday poison making real books at nine dollars australian currency shut up fool we ain’t talking paper currency we talking

nothing. It makes sense. You won’t do nothing, but then you do everything except the only thing that matters like picking that corn or fucking your teeth right into dark lying stiffs saying weeds and telling hour and two hours and the whole fucking day you just did all of this abomination like using high pitched voice at that one moment and then you sat and completed your fucking work with educated culture like in one frozen smell all gas pour over chip bags and home fucking literacy fu alks jrfij 4i8jsa dfjekrf fuc kwd cifucj ufck fsjukc your fuck urou fyou fuck your all of you fuck all or f hou fuck you all of y’all is culture is knowledge is this is that

it’s all sandwich, mixing carrots and steak. people don’t even have shreeeded carrots and steak they got tags and categories and fucking I am I am I am this I’ll have you hit me then fucking hit me then fuck you hit me

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